Why control panels are so useful?

Control panels are something that comes preinstalled with almost every VPS. It could be cPanel, Virtualmin, DirectAdmin, VestaCP, P...

Dec 19, 2022
What to choose for storage for your server. HDD, SSD, NVMe?

Whenever you’re choosing a server for your project probably one of the main aspects is the storage and before we can even speak about RAIDs we always think about what kind of storage to choose. B...

Dec 12, 2022
Bandwidth and its types. Unlimited. Unmetered. Metered.

So you are looking to host somewhere your first website. We’ll bet that you see a lot of different hosti...

Dec 5, 2022
How to get more RDP connections on your Windows Server

As you may know the majority of people ordering servers with Windows OS on top are using it for virtual ...

Nov 29, 2022
Software vs Hardware Firewall

As implied from the article name itself the firewall can be either the software as a program or the hardware as a physical machine that has its own RAM, CPU, and software. 

Nov 25, 2022
Top 5 Server Processors in 2022

Whenever you search for a server for business or simply for your domestic needs you encounter the word CPU

Nov 17, 2022
How to connect to Windows using RDP on Mac

Mac have become much closer and open. Nowadays you can have a Mac (at least 10.10 version or higher) and connect to Windows without any problem thanks to the RDP client published by Microsoft itsel...

Nov 4, 2022
Types of DDoS attacks

One of the main potential threats when running your business online is DDoS attacks from your competitor or different shady individ...

Oct 25, 2022
Best Database Administration Tools

Judging from our experience as a hosting provider and cumulative hosting experience we can state that managing a database is one of...

Jul 18, 2022
How to start your own Web Hosting company

Internet does not appear from thin air. Every business in the world requires some kind of foundation to operate.

Jun 29, 2022
Cpanel vs Interworx. Which one is better?

Control Panels simplify the process of managing servers and websites, which is kind of obvious. InterWorx and cPanel both provide c...

Jun 15, 2022
cPanel vs Plesk. What is better? Which panel to choose?

When you have face to face the two best or biggest or best-known players in anything,

Jun 12, 2022
How to install VestaCP on Debian

VestaCP server control panel was once developed as a competitor to the paid ISPmanager and cPanel control panels.

Apr 30, 2022
How to install ISPmanager on Ubuntu

If we talk about one of the most popular control panels for VPS or dedicated servers, you can not go past ISPmanager.

Apr 30, 2022
How to install DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 20.04

As a continuation of our articles about installing various web panels, we would like to talk about DirectAdmin. This is a commercial control panel developed in Canada by JBMC Software in 2003. Like...

Apr 30, 2022