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The virtual private server (VPS) has established itself as the best hosting solution. It balances well the pros and cons of a dedicated server and shared hosting. In the United States, there are several VPSs that you can use. One of them is VPS Ashburn, physically located in Virginia. But let us first understand what VPS represents for your business.

A dedicated server is a physical server in which you can host your website exclusively. This means that all the network and processing resources will be for you and no one else. This sounds perfect. However, such a solution is extremely expensive. Only big corporations can afford it.

On the other hand, shared hosting is more convenient if we consider the rental only. However, the resources of the physical server are shared by several users. Hence, if the other websites consume many resources, the performance of your website will suffer.

A VPS, like VPS Ashburn in America, is a virtual machine that runs its copy of the operating system. As such, you can have the following advantages:

  • The root access in the server;
  • Larger disk space and bandwidth than shared hosting;
  • Cheaper than a dedicated server;
  • Stability and reliability.

There are also some qualitative advantages like a higher level of control than shared hosting.

Different Hosting Plans: VPS Ashburn

If you are hosting a website in the United States, VPS Ashburn is a good solution. VPS Ashburn offers four different hosting plans at prices that go from $2.39 to $12.99 per month. The differences between these plans are processing power, RAM, storage capacity (RAID-10 HDD).

For example, the most basic plan includes one 3.30GHz CPU. 256MB of RAM and 10GB of storage capacity are included. On the other hand, the most advanced and expensive plan includes two 3.30GHz CPUs, 2048 MB of RAM, and 30 GB of disk space.

Hence, you can choose exactly the plan that matches your requirements. This way, you do not pay for resources you will not use.

VPS Ashburn Allows Implementing Cloud Network Architecture

In combination with other VPSs, VPS Ashburn can be used to create a cloud system for your website. For example, additional resources can be provided by VPS Seattle to ensure immediate scalability. In the likely event of a traffic surge, your website will have the necessary resources to handle all the requests.

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Instant setup
Instant setup
20 locations for KVM VPS deployment. Instant VPS setup
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Convenient remote VPS access/control
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KVM virtualization
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