Cpanel vs Interworx. Which one is better?

 Although both products have many of the same basic features, InterWorx and cPanel have different pricing and some features not found in the other. You can compare these features to determine which control panel is a better match for your hosting needs. Let’s break down the comparison by a set of points.

Server Control Panels

Each service actually has two control panels. If you are running a hosting service, you get access to the server administration panel when you purchase InterWorx or cPanel. The InterWorx server control panel is called NodeWorx. 

cpanel vs interworx. which one is better?

The cPanel web hosting control panel is WebHost Manager or simply WHM.

cpanel vs interworx. which one is better?

Web site owners do not need to purchase cPanel or InterWorx as it comes straight in the package because they cannot work without each other. Meaning that cPanel cannot work without WHM and InterWorx cannot work without NodeWorx.

Common features

cpanel vs interworx. which one is better?

For Web servers, common features found in both programs include the ability to create and customize various hosting packages for website owners, creation and management of new users, domain management, DNS management, and the ability to offer reseller hosting. Website owners will find many of the same features in both control panels. Examples include email accounts, web statistics, subdomains, a file editor for editing plain text and HTML, a file manager, FTP accounts for uploading files to websites, password protection for your website pages, and backup options in case you lose data. 

cpanel vs interworx. which one is better?

Both control panels also offer an option for subdomains, which are domains hosted under the same hosting package to save money. Both control panels also support cron jobs, PHP, MySQL, and SSL. 

Additional Features

Each control panel offers a couple of things not always provided by its competitor. For example, cPanel has FrontPage extensions, which allow you to upload FrontPage files for your website. The product's control panel also provides a number of video tutorials for website owners. Providing hosting services for gaming sites can also choose the Gaming Server cPanel. 

InterWorx integrates the APF iptables firewall system for Web servers. Web hosts can also use InterWorx to import all previously hosted domains into the cPanel, InterWorx or other control panels. 

The setup programs simplify the process of building a website, blog or similar functions. You can compare the list of programs available from these installation services to see what you prefer. 


Web site owners in some countries may prefer a control panel due to language availability. At the time of publication, both services offer English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French versions. However, cPanel offers Iberian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Other languages that only cPanel offers include Arabic, Hindi, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Chinese. However, InterWorx offers Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, and Czech. 


As of the date of publication, the InterWorx monthly license is around $20 or $7 for VPS. Support is included. In contrast, the cPanel Solo monthly license is around $16, which includes installation and support.

So what to choose?

Both panels are good to go for regular freelancers, but we must state that for now, cPanel looks like a more intriguing choice because the price is lower compared to Interworx. Interworx beats cPanel in terms of VPS pricing. Nevertheless, cPanel is a much more complex product that can offer a significant functionality for its price so it depends on your perspective and what goals you want to achieve. Plus BlueVPS offers free installation of cPanel, but the license cost is always on the customer.