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Root Access
Root Access
Forget about any restrictions that other web hosters set on your server. Enjoy full root access to your server and configure it however you want.
OS to your taste
OS to your taste
We are offering over 15 versions of the different OS to choose from. If you wish to install a custom one we are always open to doing so.
Flexible hardware
Flexible hardware
Should you choose to switch to NVMe or SSD or HDD, or to find a VPS that works better per core, we are here to help.

Estonia VPS Hosting

Today, it is difficult to imagine a business without a presence on the Internet. Whether for advertising or selling, the Internet offers the best opportunities for success. To use these opportunities to the maximum, you must ensure that your business website performs flawlessly. The performance is directly dependent on the type of web hosting you use.

Using shared hosting is not a recommended solution for your business. The only advantage is the rental cost, which is low. However, such a hosting solution doesn’t have the capacity to guarantee a good performance. On the other hand, you can use a dedicated server to host your site. But this solution can be quite expensive. Have you heard of VPS Estonia? This may be the right solution for you.

So, the most viable solution for small and mid-sized businesses is VPS hosting. While strictly speaking it is a type of shared hosting, the virtual platform gives you a lot of benefits. The most important one is the possibility to manage it almost like a dedicated server. Hence, if your business is located in Europe, you should consider hosting it on a VPS Estonia.

Why should you choose VPS Estonia? Well, with this type of hosting, you get several qualitative and quantitative advantages. Some of them include:

  • Instantaneous VPS setup;
  • KVM virtualization;
  • VNC access;
  • VPS Linux or Windows available;
  • Convenient remote access and control.

Estonia is located in a very strategic region. Thus, a VPS Estonia is a good choice if your business is located in the Baltic or Scandinavian countries. Such a hosting location is convenient if your headquarters are in Slavic countries.

VPS Estonia - Other Location Alternatives

Some companies prefer to host their website in a place near their headquarters. Hence, if your headquarters are located in central Europe, VPS Estonia can be a little far away. In such a case, you can consider VPS Germany as an alternative.

The same type of service can be expected in both cases. You can choose your hosting plan on servers with processors with 1, 2, or 4 cores. Likewise, you can select RAM from 256MB to 12288MB. Storage space is offered from 10GB to 300GB on RAID-10 HDD. The bandwidth is unlimited in all hosting plans.

Hence, with a VPS Estonia (or in Germany, for that matter), you can be sure that you’ll find the ideal VPS hosting for your needs. The prices are quite attractive for the type of hosting you get.

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