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Dozens of payment gateways
Dozens of payment gateways
Huge amount of payment options including Paypal, Webmoney, Alipay, Stripe or Bank Transfer. Oh yes, we do support crypto payments as well with most of the coins on the market.
Regular Backup
Regular Backup
We ensure that your data stays up to date and is backed up by our professionals. On request, you can restore your data with the most actual backup.
Smooth and stable
Smooth and stable
Our uptime is 99,9% and we look after that it will not drop anywhere below this mark.

Linux VPS Hosting

Do you want to use a VPS server for hosting sites, a database, a game server, or a program that should always be online? With root access, cool support, and guaranteed resources, you will succeed! And if it doesn’t work out, or, for some reason, you change your mind about using the server within 30 days of ordering, you’ll get the refund for VPS Linux.

7 Benefits of Using Our VPS Linux Rental Services

Check why you should choose us when looking for VPS Linux rental services.

  • Reliable equipment. Your dedicated virtual Linux server will operate on the basis of high-performance and highly reliable equipment manufactured by Cisco, Dell, and NetApp, assembled into a fault-tolerant infrastructure and connected to the Internet via high-speed duplicated communication channels.
  • Reliable data processing centers. The equipment on which your VPS Linux-server will run conforms to the latest standards. These data centers provide for a complete reservation of communication channels and power sources.
  • Constant accessibility. The state of virtual machines is constantly monitored. In case a certain virtual machine that should work stops, it is automatically launched on other equipment and returned to the online state.
  • The best-qualitative performance. Dynamic load balancing on physical hosts provides optimal performance indicators for specific servers; the performance of your Linux VPS does not depend on the activity of other users of the service.
  • Automation of management. All user actions for managing your cloud infrastructure (virtual computers and virtual networks) can be automated through a software interface. 
  • Full control. The virtual Linux-machine is provided to the user in full system management, including root-rights. Security is provided by terminal access via SSH and HTTPS when using the control panel. At any time, you can change the parameters of your virtual server taking into account your current needs. Since you have root rights, you can reboot the server, and you will have access to the system files, which means that you can install the software and configure the system in accordance with your tasks. At the same time, VPS in Sweden is much cheaper than dedicated servers.
  • Customer support 24/7. Highly qualified technical specialists provide service and round-the-clock support for VPS Linux users. They are always ready to advise you and help in solving the problem.
  • The choice of virtualization VPS should be approached carefully because it depends on how the server will work. Based on this fact, we offer various types of virtualization for all kinds of requests. We want your projects to be as comfortable as possible on our VPS Windows and Linux.

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