Düsseldorf VPS Plans

Our advantages
Instant setup
Instant setup
20 locations for KVM VPS deployment. Instant VPS setup
Convenient remote VPS access/control
Convenient remote VPS access/control
Linux/Windows based KVM VPS's with all available control panels. 24/7 Customer support and even more
KVM virtualization
KVM virtualization
KVM virtualization guarantee 100% dedicated resources per VPS

Düsseldorf VPS Hosting

When you look for the best hosting for your site, there are different factors to take into account. Cost is one of them. Performance is another one. They seem to be contradicting factors. Low-cost hosting solutions, such as shared hosting, don’t offer good performance. On the other hand, high-performing solutions, such as a dedicated server, are quite expensive.

The optimal tradeoff between rental cost and performance is offered by VPS hosting. This solution consists of a server running on a virtual platform. Thus, you can manage it like a dedicated server. However, since the virtual platform shares the resources of a physical server, the cost is not so high.

VPS Düsseldorf will give you all the necessary features to have a high-performing commercial site. If you choose the right plan, you won’t have problems with bottlenecks. Moreover, you can be sure that your site will be online practically all the time. Even in the event of server maintenance, your site will remain online thanks to network redundancy.

Likewise, even if there is an electricity blackout in the area of the VPS Düsseldorf, your site won’t go offline. The site has power redundancy to ensure that your server continues working in all conditions. This type of qualitative guarantees makes VPS Düsseldorf a smart choice. Some of the features of this hosting solution include:

  • VNC access;
  • KVM virtualization;
  • Linux or Windows operating system.

What’s more, VPS Düsseldorf is also a VPS Drupal. This means that you won’t have any problems hosting your site with Drupal features.

An Alternative Location in Germany

If for any reason you prefer a different location in Germany, you can host your site on a VPS in Frankfurt. This city is the financial center of Europe, so it makes sense to host your site there in some cases. The technical characteristics of the plans are the same as VPS Düsseldorf. The monthly rates are also the same. The only difference is the location. The VPS hosting of your choice has support for Drupal and other content management tools. Hence, all the features already embedded in your website will be fully functional on VPS Düsseldorf. The different plans for this type of hosting go from very basic to advanced solutions. You can select, for example, a processor with 1, 2, or 4 cores. Likewise, you can select the RAM and disk storage capacity that fit your requirements.