What is Colocation in Israel?

Colocation in Israel refers to a custom service provided by various data centers in Israel to enable businesses to get space to place their servers or hardware. When you select an Israeli colocation center, you receive not only a building but also reliable physical security, A-level cooling systems, power, and bandwidth.

Moreover, many Israeli providers take service to the next level. They offer all-inclusive managed services to take all the hassle associated with maintaining data centers away from you.

Great Perks of Renting a Colocation Data Center

What sets a colocation data center in Israel apart? Clients opting for it are sure to enjoy the following remarkable benefits:

  • Superior server reliability. With an extremely high 99.99% uptime, you’ll be able to connect to your server 24/7. Forget about unexpected and unpleasant downtimes.
  • Day and night support and dedicated maintenance. Knowledgeable IT professionals will provide technical support in any key areas of your rented resources. They’ll take care of power, bandwidth, and cooling and optimize them for you.
  • World-class data protection and enhanced security. With well-trained physical security staff, quality CCTV monitoring, and state-of-the-art access controls with biometric sensors, you have nothing to worry about. Plus, regular backups of your data eliminate the possibility of unexpected data losses.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Utilizing shared space & resources enables you to dramatically reduce your operational expenses, avoiding the need to construct and maintain data centers for your company.

Thus, with the support of Israeli colocation centers, you can focus more on your core activities and services, leaving server infrastructure management to the data centers' IT experts.

Premium Services Offered by Collocation Providers in Israel

Colocation providers in Israel are always happy to provide you with the following data center services: 

  • Server rack space rental. Decide how much space you’d like to rent to suit your unique business needs. 
  • Management of your rented equipment and server. This service presumes that competent IT personnel will do any maintenance and repairs. You may need this to keep your server and equipment running smoothly. On top of that, IT staff can perform hardware installation. 
  • Constant data backups. Safeguard your data with regular offsite backups, comprehensive disaster recovery, and expert backup management.
  • Continuous monitoring and support. Benefit from 24/7 monitoring, responsive technical support, and prompt alerts about any problems with your server.

Rent Reliable Data Centers in Israel

Need to rent trustworthy data centers in Israel? You’d love our offer! Our custom colocation Israel solutions are always up to par and affordable at the same time. Our experienced IT staff will take care of your resources properly.

We have the most advanced equipment and technologies to deliver you top-notch security and reliability. Constant backups will bring you peace of mind. Order our services now, and you won’t be sorry!

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