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Dozens of payment gateways
Dozens of payment gateways
Huge amount of payment options including Paypal, Webmoney, Alipay, Stripe or Bank Transfer. Oh yes, we do support crypto payments as well with most of the coins on the market.
Regular Backup
Regular Backup
We ensure that your data stays up to date and is backed up by our professionals. On request, you can restore your data with the most actual backup.
Smooth and stable
Smooth and stable
Our uptime is 99,9% and we look after that it will not drop anywhere below this mark.

France VPS Hosting

Are you looking for a good web hosting solution in Europe? Then, consider VPS France. This is a reliable virtual private server (VPS) provider. It is well known that VPS hosting strikes an optimal balance between the other two common hosting solutions.

Shared hosting is inexpensive, but its performance during traffic surges is very poor. Moreover, security is weak because of the shared resources of a physical server, including the same operating system. On the other hand, a dedicated server is the best solution in terms of performance and security. But it is quite expensive.

Thus, VPS France is a good performing hosting solution at a reasonable price in Europe. It is a good compromise between the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the other two solutions. VPS hosting is ideal for small businesses. Shared hosting is used by bloggers and for personal websites, whereas dedicated services are for large enterprises.

Rental Cost of VPS France

To get a better picture of the convenience to use VPS France, let us take a look at its rental costs. Two options are available, with Linux or Windows. For the rental plans with Linux, the monthly cost goes from $2 to $44/mo. If you opt for Windows, the monthly cost varies from $10 to $49/mo.

For comparison, the rental of a dedicated server costs no less than $100 in most cases. The plans with Windows are significantly more expensive than with Linux because of license fees. However, their costs are still much lower than the rental of a dedicated server.

The Hardware of Different France VPS Plans

There are 4 hardware plans offered by VPS France. You can choose the one that you deem more convenient for your requirements. And you can choose the operating system too. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics of these plans:

  • bKVM 256: it includes 1 Core Xeon CPU,  256MB of RAM, and 10GB of storage space;
  • bKVM 512: it includes 1 Core Xeon CPU,  512MB of RAM, and 15GB of storage space;
  • bKVM 1024: it includes 2 Core Xeon CPU,  1024MB of RAM, and 20GB of storage space;
  • bKVM 2048: it includes 2 Core Xeon CPU,  2048MB of RAM, and 30GB of storage space.

With these characteristics, VPS France covers the needs of the most common commercial websites. These rental costs are comparable to prices in the United States. For instance, VPS Seattle has the same prices in all the plans.

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