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Our advantages
Instant setup
Instant setup
20 locations for KVM VPS deployment. Instant VPS setup
Convenient remote VPS access/control
Convenient remote VPS access/control
Linux/Windows based KVM VPS's with all available control panels. 24/7 Customer support and even more
KVM virtualization
KVM virtualization
KVM virtualization guarantee 100% dedicated resources per VPS

Frankfurt VPS Hosting

Instead of hiring dozens of professionals to help you increase your profit, go for VPS. VPS is a modern solution, every successful business cannot imagine a day without. E-commerce websites, banking, e-gaming platforms - they are all fit for VPS. Learn more why choosing Blue VPS Frankfurt.

Advantages of VPS in Frankfurt in 2021

Frankfurt is almost the center of Germany. It has a convenient location in Europe as well. Due to such an allocation, the city gets extremely fast worldwide connections. Thus, it is no wonder why VPS Frankfurt is a popular choice among entrepreneurs. Although tons of benefits of VPS exist, you get the most important of them by relying on our company.

  • Incredible performance. The best VPS is suitable for both operating systems Windows and Linux. It works smoothly, while you enjoy 100% of the virtual private server’s capabilities.
  • Full control. When using VPS Ashburn, you get root access to your server. With it, you may access all customizations. It concerns the server’s software alongside the hardware. If you have never used VPS before, you will be instructed by technicians accordingly.
  • 100% Security. Unlike other shared hostings or virtual environments, VPS is more secure. You may rest assured knowing all your data is protected.
  • Best deal. VPS in Frankfurt is available for installation for 3,6, and 12 months. It means you have the option to pay quarterly, semiannually, annually. You experience the server and then give your verdict.

With a qualitative VPS in Seattle, you are also given 512 MB of RAM alongside 20 GB of disk space. Upon the request, you may get a bigger storage space.

If you worry about the complexity of VPS running, we are there to approach all your hurdles. Our technician team works 24/7/365. You contact us, and we immediately proceed with KVM VPS deployment. It is an instant operation.

Answering one more popular question with our company - Do we provide data backup? Yes, and even more. Maintaining all your data secure in one place is common. We understand that unpredictable consequences may make you lose everything in a second. The rental of VPS Frankfurt comes with RAID up to 10, 15, and 20 GB of space. It also helps to prevent downtime.

As you may see the virtual private server in Frankfurt is a go-choice. It will fit your needs if you look for scalability and utmost performance.

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