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Windows Remote Desktop
Windows Remote Desktop
Many companies move their offices to virtual and you might not be an exception. Boost your company performance and protect your data by using Windows as a Remote Desktop using our servers.
Dozens of locations
Dozens of locations
Become closer to your target audience by picking the location that suits your business. 18 locations to choose from on 3 continents and counting!
Around-the-clock support
Around-the-clock support
24/7/365 we are working for you to make sure that your business stays online during the whole year. Enjoy one of the best technical supports on the market.

Offshore VPS Hosting

Owning a website and promoting services or products on the web always takes some investments. One of the first things you are going to buy when starting this is the rent of a server. 

Servers are basically virtual storage spaces where the files and code required to support the activity of your website are situated. It makes possible payment operations, logging in and out, and a number of other vital processes taking place there. But what is an offshore server? In a simple explanation, offshore server hosting is hosting websites on the servers located outside its owner’s country. 

This wouldn’t be done if there weren't any benefits, right? They include:

  • No governmental intrusion (linked to censorship, tax regulations, etc.)
  • Free ‘speech’
  • Improved privacy and security
  • Anonymous payment methods available

That is why offshore VPS hosting has become so in trend nowadays. 

Offshore VPS in Europe, Canada, and the USA: What Types of VPS Are There,,

The rent of Virtual Private Servers is a popular hosting option all over the world, and BlueVPS.net offers a lot more possibilities than just ordering one in Europe or the US. Renting one is possible in China, Australia, and Singapore as well. 

When choosing an offshore VPS, you’ll be offered to estimate how much power, storage space, and other characteristics the website will need. For instance, if you own a digital platform for a small business and want a moderate price, there are nice servers on Windows or Linux operating systems with the following characteristics: 

  • CPU vCore x2
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IPv41 and IPv6 4
  • RAM 2-6 GB
  • RAID 10 hdd 30-100 GB
  • Port 1 Gpbs

Plans are billed annually, semiannually, or once a season for greater convenience. 

What Other Guarantees Are Given by the Offshore VPS Hosting Provider?

Now, it’s simple to choose a VPS plan as you can search a server by memory, power, or a preferable content managing system (Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal, PrestaShop, etc.) The chosen plan will be a perfect solution for your current business size, will be fully customizable, allow unlimited traffic, and no compulsory signing of the contract. Choose whatever VPS type makes the most sense for you: SEO Type, server for a personal blog, or a VPS for a small online store.

With offshore VPS server hosting by BlueVPS, you’ll also find the most cost-effective way to make the website alive and will easily change plans if there is such a need. To test how much value you get for the given price, try out the preferred plan for 3 months first.

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