SEO VPS Server Features

Root Access
Root Access
Forget about any restrictions that other web hosters set on your server. Enjoy full root access to your server and configure it however you want.
OS to your taste
OS to your taste
We are offering over 15 versions of the different OS to choose from. If you wish to install a custom one we are always open to doing so.
Flexible hardware
Flexible hardware
Should you choose to switch to NVMe or SSD or HDD, or to find a VPS that works better per core, we are here to help.

VPS SEO Pricing

SEO VPS Hosting

At first sight, one may think that a server isn’t a very significant factor when it comes to SEO. We are used to thinking about it in terms of keywords, tags, and links, but a server is one of the basic and most important things that can influence the success of any SEO campaign. 

For instance, if a hosting package isn’t appropriate for your website or does not provide appropriate speed and uptime, the campaign can be a failure. 

So, it’s crucial to look at SEO VPS server hosting opportunities that meet your needs to the fullest. First and foremost, we would like to warn you that opting for shared hosting instead of a VPS won’t be effective at all. Shared servers will lead you to a situation when a website is not available and vulnerable to hacker attacks. Will it be cheap? Sure, there are options for the price of 6-10 USD a month. But let’s look at SEO VPS server hosting. Its pluses are:

  • Reasonable cost
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Expert managing VPS servers
  • Up-to-date hardware
  • Software of your choice

These reasons are valid enough to try SEO VPS hosting for your website and boost SEO. 

SEO VPS Hosting by and Its Advantages

Since it is important to have the highest uptime possible for processing Google query results and a lot more, VPS servers offered by BlueVPS can be a suitable option. They have unlimited bandwidth, full control, and VHC and SSH access, 99.90% uptime, and flexibility when it comes to content control panels. 

What is more, there are zero setup fees, powerful AMD EPYC processors, modern 10 Gbit ports (that you need to try hard to use to the fullest), and super-fast NVMe drives that, in combination, provide the smooth flow of processes on the website and let it handle intense traffic. 

As a website owner who craves top security, you will be able to ask for DDoS protection to keep all of your files safe online. The freedom of choice is even vaster than that: clients can pick from HDD used for storage and NVMe if they need to perform more energy-consuming and demanding tasks. You can also pick the Unmanaged type for rent to gain full control over your server and do it all yourself.

To crown it all, BlueVPS has affordable prices. To buy an SEO VPS server hosting package, you will need just 10-80 EUR, depending on the chosen characteristics. In any case, even with the modest server capabilities, you are going to get a lot more than with a shared hosting plan. 

What Content Management Systems Are Available at BlueVPS Servers? 

There is also a range of operating systems to opt for:

All the most used CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magneto, OpenCart, Netcat, and others are available here. The special plus is having a chance to use custom operating systems.

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