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Instant setup
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Convenient remote VPS access/control
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KVM virtualization
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Storage VPS Hosting

Many Internet projects buy VPS hosting for data storage for an affordable price. VPS is a virtual private server. It is created using software that is installed on a physical machine. Due to this, it is possible to divide resources and work on several independent virtual servers at once.

A virtual VPS server user can install any software on it and freely configure it. Also, a virtual server can be a platform for hosting sites.

Even though clients are isolated from each other, one client can't access the data, and the computing resources are distributed among them. If one client consumes high power, others may experience slowdowns. It is especially noticeable with those providers that sell resources to more customers than resources allow.

Storage VPS hosting

Before deciding whether VPS is suitable for data storage, it is worth understanding its advantages.

  • Guaranteed dedicated resources. The amount of disk space, processor, and RAM are legalized. One VPS owner will use resources.
  • Administrator access. You will be able to independently configure the software on the server.
  • Personal IP address of the site. It is provided to the clients who rent the VPS.
  • Wide settings. Optimizing the server, considering individual projects' peculiarities, will be possible.

Storage VPS is suitable for many projects because it has many advantages. A virtual server is often used to store data. It is relevant in the case when you don't need to store too much information. If the site is highly trafficked, you will need to consider renting a separate physical machine. Even a large project with large data will work stably and smoothly in this case.

With a limited budget, the use of VPS hosting is more justified. It is cheaper than purchasing physical equipment compared to clouds, and the cost will also be less. It can also be a plus if you want deep customization access. VPS is well suited for website hosting.

Storage VPS server hosting

The VPS virtual server has various applications. For example, this option is suitable for customers who want to place copies of their data on a third-party site. Perhaps you want to organize remote work with a significant amount of information. Individuals and legal entities will be able to store their materials on the server and not worry that they will be lost.

Storage VPS hosting is well suited for new sites. They will work stably and efficiently. As a rule, VPS is required if the resource traffic reaches 10-15 thousand people daily.

Virtual servers are suitable for product development and testing. The specialist can work at any time of the day, regardless of location. The main thing is that they should have access to VPS. It is worth noting that you can install various software required for development on a virtual server. The remote resource will allow you to easily work with large files, and you don't need to download them to your computer.

Of course, VPS of Unlimited Bandwidth Type is suitable for data storage. In addition, you don't have to worry about the safety of information because there will always be backup copies.

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