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Windows Remote Desktop
Windows Remote Desktop
Many companies move their offices to virtual and you might not be an exception. Boost your company performance and protect your data by using Windows as a Remote Desktop using our servers.
Dozens of locations
Dozens of locations
Become closer to your target audience by picking the location that suits your business. 18 locations to choose from on 3 continents and counting!
Around-the-clock support
Around-the-clock support
24/7/365 we are working for you to make sure that your business stays online during the whole year. Enjoy one of the best technical supports on the market.

Sydney VPS Hosting

It is worth noting that VPS hosting technology can be useful in many areas of IT activity. VPS is indispensable for site owners unsatisfied with shared hosting restrictions. This technology allows you to easily deploy a VPN or proxy server and create a remote desktop. 

A virtual server is often used to create IT products, for example, when developing and testing software. Why else is VPS needed?

  1. Store a lot of data and host loaded projects. VPS allows storing data from highly loaded sites, such as online stores. It is chosen when shared hosting resources are no longer enough.
  2. Develop applications. You can host and test new applications on the server.
  3. Create a gaming, phone, VPN, or video surveillance server. VPS can install your software and customize the server to suit your needs.
  4. Save money on equipment purchases. Renting a virtual server is much cheaper than buying and maintaining a physical one.

VPS is a set of software tools that is a powerful alternative to a physical server due to its flexibility in management and scalability. It is the optimal combination of management functionality and cost for site owners. At the same time, the performance of virtual servers on one physical medium doesn't depend on the work of each other.

Windows VPS Hosting Sydney

Windows VPS Hosting Sydney is suitable for hosting 1C products, working with Forex trading programs, and launching projects based on .NET, MS SQL, IIS, and game servers. The choice of a specific configuration will depend only on the scale of the project – the number of users and the load. When you rent Windows VPS hosting, you get a lot of benefits. Managing a VPS server is much more convenient than a physical server.

Linux VPS Hosting Sydney

Linux VPS hosting Sydney is a virtual server with an operating system of the Linux family installed. These operating systems have gained popularity among developers thanks to open source and the absence of a paid license. A significant portion of the applications and scripts used for websites are written for use with Linux. Renting a Linux server is the best solution for Internet projects. BlueVPS can create several websites on one server, create a remote desktop, and use any control panel. You can buy both cheap VPS hosting for test sites as well as for busy Internet sites.

Renting a VPS server in BlueVPS helps solve several problems at once. You will increase the efficiency of the cloud infrastructure and save a lot of money on maintaining your Internet projects. You can trust this service. It will find the best option for you, considering your requirements and business goals. 

The entire IT infrastructure will work according to your Warsaw CMS business tasks: respond to a heavy load, withstand the influx of people on the resource, etc. Rent a cloud server and get an extensive access channel to the data stored on it, stable uptime, and protection from DDoS attacks. All this is at an affordable price.

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