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Unmanaged VPS Server Features

Lightning fast solid state drives
Lightning fast solid state drives
Faster by miles than any regular HDD you can be sure that your website will run like a charm.
Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security
Our servers are located in Tier 3 data centers to ensure that no intruders will get physical access to your server.
If you are not sure that latency is good enough, you can always visit our looking glass page to test out the latency. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Website managers or business owners come up with the hosting issue and raise the question of when the business starts to scale up. There’s a clear need to ensure an enhanced performance rate for web pages when the traffic is increased. In this case, web page owners face the need to choose between various types of hosting servers. 

There are the most common server types common for different web pages. These are the Dedicated and Shared servers of the highest popularity years ago. But the tech reality has changed, making businesses respond to challenges with new solutions. And the Unmanaged VPS server is one of the ways to meet critical issues related to website performance. 

Why does Unmanaged VPS Server Work the Best? 

Before you buy a server or rent it online, you need to review the pros and cons to make the final decision to help your business grow. So why is the VPS server the leading option in this case? By choosing well-known Dedicated or Shared server options, one can expect a wide range of services available. But these pricey cases don’t ensure top-level security or performance. 

For this reason, website owners try to develop new strategies for implementing Managed and Unmanaged hosting in the working processes. These are more secure ways to manage website routines with clear safety protocols and ensure performance guarantees. In addition, a VPS server doesn't cost more. 

How to Choose Between the Managed and Unmanaged VPS Server Hosting

There’s a huge difference between the managed and unmanaged types. The choice will depend on the purpose of further use. If you plan to close your eyes to the technical tasks and dedicate time to the more substantial processes, then Managed Type should be the priority. It can save up a lot of time and make your website work for you without any excessive focus on the tasks. 

But it costs a lot and isn’t always the case for small businesses. So let’s see what perks an Unmanaged type offers. 

  • Unmanaged hosting type doesn’t cost a fortune. This is the main reason why smaller businesses opt for this server. If you don't’ have a big budget for the project, it’s the best way to ensure top-quality security with the minimum investments. 
  • It is highly flexible, which is why so many users are fond of the features of unmanaged servers. You can adjust the work of plugins to your liking. The software versions will also be easily managed. 

This type requires more human input and therefore includes certain human-error risks. However, if you have a team of experts ready to invest their time in the tech tasks, it’s better to switch to the Unmanaged server type. Being a less expensive version, an Unmanaged VPS hosting server will professionally meet the needs of a business.

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