VPS KVM Pricing

KVM VPS Server Features

RDP Root access
RDP Root access
Get full admin rights by ordering a server with Windows OS on top.
SSD ready
SSD ready
We equip our servers with enterprise-grade SSDs from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Kingston, and Intel.
Highly scalable
Highly scalable
Enjoy swift scalability on a demand for your VPS. It really takes a small amount of time to switch to a better configuration.

VPS KVM Pricing

Do you need a reliable and affordable hosting plan? You can choose among several options: a shared solution, VPS KVM, or a dedicated server. Many people still believe that shared hosting is the best option. However, this opinion is far from the truth. It comes with several drawbacks which might damage or even destroy your business.

Shared hosting is fine for you if you manage a small company that doesn’t need to be online constantly. The functionality of a shared server is usually sufficient for such cases. Considering that hosts usually put many clients on one server, their activities will influence the performance of your hosted solution directly.

However, if your business shall be online constantly, all the pages ought to load without delays, and the functionality matters to the extent that you might need even to deploy a CRM system, the rental of a shared solution is not an option at all.

VPS KVM Is the Solution You Need

In your case, you should look for a reliable VPS in the Netherlands. VPS KVM is one of the most qualitative solutions for any kind of business. Even the most demanding clients will like:

  • The control panel, which is intuitive and easy-to-use;
  • VPS KVM that offers fast SDD: your website loads much faster than with any other solution;
  • Data backup: even if you use VPS KVM or any other top-quality solution, nobody can guarantee you that everything will be flawless. Therefore, all the data is backed up, and you have access to it at any stage of your project;
  • Route access: you can add functionality, implement customer management systems, or do whatever you need.

The Best KVM VPS Solution

The advantages of a VPS KVM solution in comparison with any shared solution are evident. However, what about a dedicated server? It all depends on the kind of business you are managing. If your website requires implementing customized CRM solutions, a VPS OpenVZ might be too expensive. In such a case, a dedicated solution might be more reasonable. 

One more detail that you shall consider is the functionality that your business needs. If your company works in a very specific field, the functionality already available on a VPS KVM might be not sufficient. Then, it is recommended to invest in your dedicated solution.

The experience shows that a VPS solution is enough for most kinds of businesses. Its instant setup allows you to start your website immediately. KVM virtualization guarantees 100% dedicated resources per each VPS. And it is not everything! What else is needed if you are looking for a reliable and functional solution? Choose your plan now and get all the advantages of the best VPS provider!

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