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Tallinn VPS Server Features

Enterprise-grade hardware
Enterprise-grade hardware
We work only with the best. Dell, HP, and Supermicro are our trusted hardware partners. For network hardware, we work with Cisco, Mikrotik, and Juniper.
Ultra-fast performance
Ultra-fast performance
We can say that we are fast but will you trust it? You can trust other people though. Based on our reviews people say that our servers are exceptionally fast.
Unlimited software
Unlimited software
We do not prohibit any kind of software that you can install on your VPS unless it is not violating our terms of service. In other cases, you are free to install anything you want.

Tallinn VPS Hosting

Are you looking for an instant VPS solution for your business? Don’t look further. We provide an opportunity to rent VPS Tallinn and get a remote control within minutes. It’s just one of the cool features we can offer you. Three key benefits can characterize each VPS hosting plan: 

  • 100% dedicated resources;
  • Round-the-clock customer support;
  • User-friendly control panel.

Windows VPS Hosting Tallinn

Windows is one of the most common server platforms, and Internet Information Server (IIS) is one of the most common web servers. When placed on a virtual server, the potential for their use increases. First of all, this is due to the ability to quickly and flexibly change the configuration of the machine depending on the current load. By consuming cloud computing resources as needed, you reduce your costs and increase hosting efficiency.

One of the key advantages is that you don’t need to purchase a Microsoft Windows Server license in addition to the rented Windows virtual server. The cost of VPS Tallinn is already included in the rent.

No need to purchase a separate license facilitates the transition to new versions of the operating system since the license for the "old" one does not tie your hands. A similar scheme for purchasing licenses can be applied to a number of other software products.

If you buy our Windows VPS hosting Tallinn, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. A wide selection of Windows Server templates;
  2. No need to purchase a Windows Server license;
  3. Convenient control panel;
  4. An opportunity to host resource-demanding SQL databases;
  5. Convenient work from anywhere in the world through an RDP client;
  6. Operational technical support 24x7x365.

Linux VPS Hosting Tallinn

We can offer high-quality Linux VPS hosting Tallinn that has the following pros:

  • Uninterrupted operation - Linux servers are more stable and less likely to require a complete reboot of the server;
  • Flexibility - Linux systems come with even a basic set of applications, suitable for both novice Linux users and more advanced ones;
  • Quick installation - Linux virtual server is quickly installed;
  • Security — clients are guaranteed confidentiality and safety of information;
  • Low cost - having a large number of advantages, the service still remains affordable;
  • Functionality - customers who rent a VPS server hosting Tallinn based on Linux have a large set of additional options;
  • Control - you can use ready-made solutions in the form of control panels to control site resources.

It is important that a Linux-based virtual server ensures the stable operation of various applications, regardless of the programming language they are developed in. Multi-user mode and convenient distribution of resources are also among the advantages of this hosting. 

Choose a VPS server hosting Tallinn that fits your business needs most and make the most out of all the great features we offer. Our company offers the best VPS solutions at a relatively low price. You can install Sofia CMS and work effectively. Check payment plans and pick the one that will contribute to your business success.

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