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2 GB VPS Server Features

Enterprise-grade hardware
Enterprise-grade hardware
We work only with the best. Dell, HP, and Supermicro are our trusted hardware partners. For network hardware, we work with Cisco, Mikrotik, and Juniper.
Ultra-fast performance
Ultra-fast performance
We can say that we are fast but will you trust it? You can trust other people though. Based on our reviews people say that our servers are exceptionally fast.
Unlimited software
Unlimited software
We do not prohibit any kind of software that you can install on your VPS unless it is not violating our terms of service. In other cases, you are free to install anything you want.

2 GB VPS Hosting

Thinking about how much RAM will be enough for your daily online operations? Buying less is not enough, buying an “unlimited” one is a waste of your money. Learn the right amount of RAM to make every site/business work with no trouble. Rely on BlueVPS technicians who know how to enhance your traffic.

VPS 2 GB: Why Is RAM Space Important?

People who think about the rental of VPS may also need extra space for their sites. Some find their websites with lags, while some sites are pretty slow. The possible reason behind such a site’s behavior is poor RAM allocation. If you are not tech-savvy, you may not understand how much space you need. You may also not know the available space in your current server. That’s where BlueVPS company may assist, and make evaluations. Let’s dive more into the RAM details. 

First of all, there is no answer to how much RAM you need. Everything depends on your needs and expectations. As of now, it is possible to speak that VPS 2 GB is the optimal RAM space for smooth and qualitative work and traffic. Still, it varies among users and their operations. Why 2,000 MB?

  • 2,000 MB is perfect for running one and more services. For instance, you may need to work with a mail server for your business. Or, you have little to moderate traffic ongoing. It is also good for blogs.
  • This RAM space is good for keeping little log files, and SSD backups. Note, if you plan to store more data, VPS 16 GB will be enough.

What are the other criteria when choosing the RAM space? Everything depends on your future server installations. They, in turn, also depend on how many visitors you expect to see with your site. As was said, VPS 2 GB RAM is fit for small to moderate operations. When your site faces many visitors, you need a doubled RAM that may reach even 20,000 MB. Note, each situation is individual. You do not need much RAM space for VPS in France if your visitors enter your website not evenly. It means that If you have rare spikes in visitors monthly, your server might go faulty.

Those who need RAM for cloud storage only may find 512+MB enough. While those who work with eCommerce need at least VPS 2 GB. Gamers including fans of Minecraft may play with RAM of 3,000 MB+.

By relying on BlueVPS, your VPS 2 GB will serve you without lags. The experts will recommend the best amount of RAM space for your particular needs. And, ensure you get the fastest response times with NVME.

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