VPS 6 GB Pricing

6 GB VPS Server Features

Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
The data centers we are working with are using green energy from wind turbines and solar panels which leaves a little to no carbon footprint.
Instant upgrades
Instant upgrades
Don’t wait until the end of the month to upgrade. You can do it wherever you feel that the time has come. We’ll help with any migration you need.
Around-the-clock support
Around-the-clock support
24/7/365 we are working for you to make sure that your business stays online during the whole year. Enjoy one of the best technical supports on the market.

6 GB VPS Hosting

Do you need to rent hosting for your web project? Is one of your criteria to get the VPS with numerous features at an affordable price? Don’t look further. We offer you a chance to have everything under control at a relatively cheap cost. The best-qualitative VPS 6 GB is a reality now.

More and more businesspeople choose our rental VPS services. We can guarantee you that you won’t feel any difference when using virtual hosting. The only feature that differs is that you won’t be able to touch hardware. That’s it. There is a convenient control panel for you to have access to all the options. Enjoy unlimited opportunities when using our VPS 6 GB RAM. 

Main Benefits You Will Enjoy with VPS 6 GB

Do you still doubt that virtual hosting is a good solution for your business needs? Check the key advantages you will enjoy if you give preference to this popular type of hosting.

  • Automated work. Everything is automated, including the reinstallation of the server.
  • A dependable system of virtualization KVM. Thanks to this system, you won’t feel any difference between VPS 6 GB RAM and a dedicated server.
  • A possibility to install any operating system. Whether you use Windows or Linux, rent our VPS 6000 MB.
  • Affordable cost. Everyone will find the payment plan according to his/her budget. We offer a flexible pricing policy and competitive prices for an unlimited number of great features. The good news is that you can change the chosen plan according to your growing business needs.
  • A large selection of tariff plans. Are you looking for a plan with unlimited bandwidth and KVM virtualization? Pay attention to the SSD-bKVM 256 that has 7 GB HDD. If it isn’t enough for your web project, consider getting NVMe-bKVM 1024. The HDD here is 12 GB. As you can see, we can meet the requirements of various business types and sizes.
  • High speed and top performance of your web projects. Using our VPS 8 GB, you will face no problems with the work of your web resources. We have powerful servers that can provide our VPS users with the best possible performance. 

You won’t regret it if you rent our VPS in Russia. The setup is instant. If you face any problems, our customer support will come to the rescue immediately. Don’t worry. Our clients don’t experience the need to ask for help often. You’ll have VNC access and will be able to connect to VPS remotely. Just check whether VPS 6 GB is exactly what you need and open tons of new opportunities for your business with our virtual hosting.

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