Stockholm VPS Server Features

RDP Root access
RDP Root access
Get full admin rights by ordering a server with Windows OS on top.
SSD ready
SSD ready
We equip our servers with enterprise-grade SSDs from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Kingston, and Intel.
Highly scalable
Highly scalable
Enjoy swift scalability on a demand for your VPS. It really takes a small amount of time to switch to a better configuration.

VPS Stockholm Pricing

VPS Stockholm Pricing

Looking for a nice option of server hosting in Sweden might be a challenge since the price is often high for this kind of service. Anyway, owning a website and trying to build up your reputation in eCommerce will cost you something. 

But don’t be discouraged. Even though there are no cheap options when it comes to server hosting plans, many providers offer a good choice of affordable and effective hosting solutions with the exact characteristics that you need. 

For instance, BlueVPS can provide many server options for rent at the cost of a half year’s Netflix subscription. Are you intrigued? Read on to find your perfect plan. Whatever you choose, you will get these guarantees:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A dedicated environment
  • Customizable plans 
  • Availability of full control or a managed server rental

BlueVPS offers flexible plans for both Windows VPS hosting Stockholm and Linux. 

Windows VPS Hosting Stockholm: What Are the Benefits

Services provided by Blue VPS let you keep your audience easily and run all features of your website smoothly. Choose VPS with the following characteristics. 

  • High uptime. 

All Windows VPS hosting Stockholm here offer 99.9% uptime that won’t let your platform stay offline. This uptime is guaranteed by the vast and reliable network of infrastructure in Sweden.

  • Cyber security. 

At BlueVPS, there is excellent technical support ready to provide assistance with all issues arising at ordering, hosting, or managing the chosen software. 

  • Contractual legitimacy. 

Since Sweden regulates all virtual services provided in the country, you can be calm and know there won’t be any suspicious activity. 

  • Safe connection through SSH.

Access to the server is made through VNC.

  • Lots of CMS choices. 

From the most popular Magneto, Drupal, and WordPress to the less known but effective Sydney CMS and OpenCart, all of them will work for your benefit. 

As you can see, Windows BlueVPS hosting solutions are fully attractive and can be wonderful helpers in eCommerce. This European hosting service offering VPS Stockholm is legit, reliable, and offers versatile plans. Plus, each VPS offered by the service has free IPv6. 

Linux VPS Hosting Stockholm: Simple and Flexible Hosting Plans

BlueVPS gathered all the best options for Linux VPS hosting Stockholm. Lots of memory, unlimited bandwidth, high customization, and reliable client support – all of that you’ll see with VPS hosting Stockholm. 

Plans for Linux and Windows can be ordered annually, semiannually, or for a season. With all the same benefits as for Windows, with a Linux VPS server hosting Stockholm plan, your site will be backed up by a server with a powerful Intel Xeon processor and can be managed according to your needs when you buy the suitable plan.

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