How to Reset a VPS Password for Windows and Linux | BlueVPS

04 Sep 2021

It happens that sometimes, you lose the OS password. While the process is simple with Linux, with Windows, the password recovery procedure might be tricky. In some cases, you are required even to repeat the recovery procedures several times.

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How to Install PPTP VPN on CentOs 8 | BlueVPS

17 Jan 2021

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a special connection kind. It is used to make connections to public and private networks safe. VPNs are also used by companies to send sensitive data. VPNs are also applied widely by individual users in the location where some internet content is restricted.

When you use a VPN, your IP address is hidden. Instead, on the web, the IP address that your VPN provider gives. Thus, it is impossible to identify from where you are connecting to the service.

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How to Manage the VPS Server from the VPS Control Panel | BlueVPS

03 Jan 2021

Managing the VPS server from the VPS control panel is not something extremely complicated. However, it might be tricky if you aren`t a tech-geek. Thus, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you out.

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How to Install cPanel-WHM on CentOS 8 | BlueVPS

11 Dec 2020

You know what CentOS Linux is, don`t you? It provides an open-course platform for Linux. CentOS 8 is the most recent version. It is provided with some upgrades and new features.

Now, we can check how to install cPanel-WHM on CentOS 8.

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How to Set up Your Mail Server | BlueVPS

11 Nov 2020

Nowadays, most people have a mail account. We all have sent and received emails from all around the world. Emails are so common nowadays that we hardly think about the entire process. We write a message, make a click, and the mail is delivered.

Here, we will check how the mail works and what is behind the simplicity of the entire mail sending process.

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How to Add Funds to My Account and How to Check My Balance? | BlueVPS

09 Oct 2020

Adding funds and checking the available balance are easy tasks. However, even with them, some users have issues. Thus, here you are a detailed instruction on how to add funds and check the balance.

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How to Find OS Version with a Command Line for Windows, CentOS, Linux, Ubuntu | BlueVPS

15 Sep 2020

Whenever you are going to upgrade some software or to buy a new one, you need to know your OS version. It is important to know it if you want your device to function properly. 

Nowadays, it is not a secret. There are many options to find out what your OS version is. There are many command line utilities that can be used for it. There are a lot of CMD commands that you can use.

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How to Find Out the Correct VPS IP Address? | BlueVPS

08 Sep 2020

You can find out what your VPS IP address is easily. To do so, follow the steps

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A Guide on How to Reinstall a VPS | BlueVPS

13 Aug 2020

This guide is aimed at those who work with the VPS. Here, we will check how to reinstall a VPS on Windows or Linux. Any OS is suitable.

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