How to install Webmin/Virtualmin on FreeBSD

24 Mar 2022

Administering a Linux server can appear complex and laborious, especially to the eyes of a neophyte.

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How to Install DirectAdmin on Debian

14 Mar 2022

DirectAdmin is one of the most advanced, stable, and secure hosting control panels on the market.

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How to install Virtualmin on Debian

07 Mar 2022

Webmin and Virtualmin as an additional module is an open-source web control panel for administering websites on UNIX-based servers.

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How to install VestaCP on Debian | BlueVPS

03 Mar 2022

VestaCP server control panel was once developed as a competitor to the paid ISPmanager and cPanel control panels.

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How to install ISPmanager on Ubuntu | BlueVPS

17 Feb 2022

If we talk about one of the most popular control panels for VPS or dedicated servers, you can not go past ISPmanager.

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How to install DirectAdmin on Ubuntu 20.04 | BlueVPS

14 Feb 2022

As a continuation of our articles about installing various web panels, we would like to talk about DirectAdmin. This is a commercial control panel developed in Canada by JBMC Software in 2003. Like other panels, it has 3 levels of access, namely administrator, user, and reseller.

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How to Install VestaCP on Ubuntu 22.04 | BlueVPS

09 Feb 2022

Continuing our series of articles regarding the installations of various control panels on Ubuntu, here comes the next contestant – VestaCP. You have probably heard more than once about a free control panel for working with a web server called Vesta Control Panel.

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How to install cPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 | BlueVPS

05 Feb 2022

cPanel is one of the most popular commercial web consoles in the world, and it is very popular in both America and Europe. To quote the company, it is "the industry's leading web hosting platform with world-class support".

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How to install Virtualmin on Ubuntu BlueVPS | BlueVPS

16 Jan 2022

 Nowadays there are a variety of web panels on the market: cPanel, VestaCP, ISPManager, etc. We decide to start a series of articles considering installations or different web panels for different operating systems. Our first contestant from OS corner of the ring is Ubuntu and from the web panel corner of the ring, we present Virtualmin.

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How to Reset a VPS Password for Windows and Linux | BlueVPS

04 Sep 2021

It happens that sometimes, you lose the OS password. While the process is simple with Linux, with Windows, the password recovery procedure might be tricky. In some cases, you are required even to repeat the recovery procedures several times.

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