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RDP Root access
RDP Root access
Get full admin rights by ordering a server with Windows OS on top.
SSD ready
SSD ready
We equip our servers with enterprise-grade SSDs from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Kingston, and Intel.
Highly scalable
Highly scalable
Enjoy swift scalability on a demand for your VPS. It really takes a small amount of time to switch to a better configuration.

cPanel VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual private server. It is a virtualization of the hardware. It allows you to run your own operating system on top of some other OS, usually Linux.

A VPS can be used for many things, but it is most commonly used for hosting websites and web applications.

When it comes to VPS hosting, cPanel has you covered. We offer a variety of options that are perfectly suited to your needs. 

The benefits of CPanel VPS Hosting are:

  • Scalability. You can scale up or down your plan as you need to without spending any money on extra servers.
  • Security. Your data is encrypted and backed up regularly, so you won’t lose it in case of a disaster like fire, flood, or theft. 
  • Control. You get total control over your environment and can install any software you want without worrying about compatibility issues with other clients on your server.
  • Flexibility. You have complete freedom over what you do with your server - whether you are running a website, a blog, an online store, or any other application.
  • Speed. The same hardware that you are using to host your website is also used by the rest of your company.
  • Power. You have the power to scale up and down without any restrictions - so you can enjoy the performance of top-of-the-line servers while using them only when they are really needed.
  • Reliability. Your server is monitored around the clock by our team of experts.

  • Low cost. You don’t have to pay sky-high prices for this type of VPS. 

Whether you're looking to get started with an affordable starter plan or upgrade to a more robust package, we have the perfect solution for you.

cPanel VPS hosting: Reliable, Fast, No Downtime

Hosting on cPanel VPS is a type of Virtual Private Server hosting that has many benefits. It's reliable, fast, and doesn't have any downtime which means you will never have to lose your data or be without your website. It also gives you complete control over your server including the ability to add new features through plugins and scripts.

cPanel is a hosting control panel that provides a centralized interface for managing your web hosting account. It is designed to simplify the process of managing your website and its contents.

The benefits of using cPanel VPS are listed below:

  • It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use
  • It provides you with all the necessary tools to manage your website
  • It offers great customer support
  • It offers easy installation and setup
  • It comes with easy-to-use tools like file manager, database manager, email manager, etc.

cPanel is not just a hosting control panel but it also provides you with additional features like domain management, email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, and much more. These features make cPanel the perfect choice for newbies in the world of web development as well as experienced developers. 

cPanel Server Hosting Can Be a Good Choice for You 

cPanel hosting is an excellent choice for small-business owners and personal websites. With cPanel hosting, you can host websites in a fraction of the time and with less work than other types of web hosting. It's easy to manage your domains, create email accounts, install apps, and more using cPanel's user-friendly interface.

A virtual private server or VPS is a virtual machine that operates as if it were a physical server. The VPS host offers the guest operating system full access to the hardware resources of the host machine.

VPS hosting is one of the most popular options for hosting websites, blogs, and applications. It provides all the benefits of shared hosting with more control and flexibility.

Cpanel is a hosting control panel that provides you with the opportunity to manage web hosting accounts, including domains, email accounts, databases, and website files. Cpanel also provides an interface for managing the server and installing software like WordPress or Joomla. You may also want to check DirectAdmin VPS

Buy or rent our high-quality cPanel hosting at a cheap price! 

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