Top 5 Server Processors in 2022

Whenever you search for a server for business or simply for your domestic needs you encounter the word CPU. CPU or central processing unit is the core hardware of any computer or server which computes any kind of processes and tasks you throw at them. Without a CPU you won’t be able even to boot your OS because RAM is only suits for storing the data but not launching it. So coming up to your searches of the server. Clouds usually don’t show exactly what kind of processors they run on, and some of the shady hosters don’t show the processors even on dedicated server offerings by masking them with flashy names like “Star Server”, “Flash Server”, “Giga Server” and so on and after you have bought the server it may have some old outdated Xeon processor from 2009. In order to omit such problems we have compiled a small guide on what kind of CPUs are a good buy for your wallet. 

Intel Xeon Family

Intel CPUs are a great choice for companies that have used their processors before. Intel was dominating the server market ever since. So here are a few interesting CPUs you might be interested in.

Intel Xeon 2680v4

This fella launched in Q1 2016 with a Broadwell 14nm tech process still packs a punch for any work task. Boasting 14 cores and 28 threads and a base clock at 2.4 GHz with a turbo boost at 3.3 GHz. Back in the day, this was considered a monster of a processor. As with any Xeon processor, TDP is quite big - 120W. Unless you’re chasing some top performance per core, we strongly suggest trying it out on your server. It will work like a charm.

Intel Xeon Silver 4210

This one is the high-end server processor released in 2019 with 10 cores and 20 threads. The base clock is 2.2 GHz and the turbo boost to 3.2Ghz. You might say that it is the same as 2680v4, but we can state that the performance per core is significantly better plus you get a lower TDP of 85W, which will cost you less in electricity bills. 


AMD really devastated the server market when they have released their EPYC processors back in 2017. Not only do they have an outstanding performance per core, but the tech process was significantly improved. 64MB of L3 cash is not something you can mess with. 


The latest processor from Zen 3 (Milano) was released in Q3 of 2021. Currently staying at 68th place in cpubenchmark has an enormous 128 Mb of L3 cash. The base clock is 3.0GHz and TurboSpeed at 3.7GHz. Nothing on the market can really beat it in terms of productivity per core. Packing 16 cores and 32 threads this powerhouse can produce an impressive result very fast. A great choice for those who seek the maximum performance per core. Just remember that you should rent a server like this for really demanding tasks otherwise your server will idle. 

AMD EPYC 7502p

7502p from the previous Zen2 Rome generation still stays strong by staying in 45th place in the cpubenchmark hall of fame. This 32-core monster with 64 threads and 128MB L3 cash will stay at his pedestal for a very long time unless AMD designs a new architecture or improve the tech process somehow. Usually, you will see such processors from a lot of hosters out there, because it is such a versatile CPU. Yes, the server with such a processor will cost no less than 300 bucks per month but his performance is really worth it. 


Released back in 2020 this processor stands at the top 200 at cpubenchmark at 185th place, but do not let it deceive you. All the processors at the top 200 can chew almost any task you throw at them. 12 cores, 24 threads with 64MB L3 cache. Great all-rounder for any type of job, especially if you want to order a server from $200-$250. 


Choosing a server CPU is not as difficult as it might seem. It all depends on your project demands, if you don’t need high frequency you might choose the server with more cores and it should do the trick. If you want the best CPUs on the market with the best price-to-value ratio nothing beats AMD EPYC, though the latest Intel processors can really compete with them.