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Instant setup
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Convenient remote VPS access/control
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KVM virtualization
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Asia VPS Hosting

If you have just developed the website for your business, the next step is to find where to host it. You can choose between a dedicated server, shared hosting, and a virtual private server (VPS). The latter is the solution that offers the best tradeoff.

The rental of a VPS is not as expensive as a dedicated server. However, a VPS offers similar functionalities. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is inexpensive, but its performance is not recommended for a business website. Unless you can afford a dedicated server, VPS is the best solution for your business.

If your business offices are located somewhere in Asia, the obvious choice is using VPS Asia. Consider the VPS Asia located in Hong Kong for websites that will be accessed from the Asia-Pacific region mainly.

VPS Asia: Linux or Windows?

You must decide which operating system (OS) is more convenient for your VPS hosting. The decision depends on the programming language your applications are coded. For instance, Linux should be chosen if your applications were developed on PERL, Python, or Ruby. Choose Windows if your applications are developed on PHP or ASP.net.

Both platforms are good, and the VPS Asia in Hong Kong offers both OS alternatives. However, Linux has some advantages like:

  • Lower cost, since Linux is open source and compatible with other open-source platforms;
  • Fewer reboots and more efficient utilization of the server resources;
  • Free support from the open-source community.

The above characteristics are not just qualitative, but they are reflected in the rental prices of the VPS. Let us take a look at the costs of web hosting on VPS Asia using Linux and Windows, respectively.

VPS Hosting Asia Costs

VPS Asia offers four different web hosting plans at different prices. The basic one includes a 3.30GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, and 10 GB of storage space. This plan costs $2.39 per month with Linux. With Windows, the monthly cost is $10.99. This is a significant difference!

The most expensive plan of the VPS Asia includes two 3.30GHz CPUs, 4096MB of RAM, and 40GB in the hard disk. With Linux, the monthly cost is $12.99. With Linux, the monthly cost is $29.99. However, if you forcibly need a VPS with Windows because of your applications, the previous prices are rather inexpensive.

The rental prices of VPS Asia are the same as in the United States (VPS Chicago and others).

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